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Among Us Devs Speak Out Against Fortnite’s New Impostors Mode

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Among Us Devs Speak Out Against Fortnite’s New Impostors Mode

Just this week, Epic released a new game mode for Fortnite titled Impostors, which was very clearly inspired by InnerSloth’s hit party game, Among Us, which in turn was taking cues from live party games like Mafia and Werewolf. With Among Us, however, InnerSloth put their own spin on it with the tasks system, which ensured that crewmates all had their own goals to work towards while the impostors work on sabotaging the ship.

In Fortnite’s new mode, it’s clear that they’ve taken many cues from Among Us; agents have assignments to tend to, while the impostors attempt to sabotage the facility and take them out as well. It certainly feels like a direct life of Among Us’ main gameplay loop, and the developers feel the same way.

Among Us Community Director Victoria Tran tweeted, stating that it would’ve been cool to have some sort of collaboration with Epic, while InnerSloth co-founder Marcus Bromander mentioned that they have indeed been trying to collaborate with Epic. The developers learned about the new Impostors mode at the same time as everyone else, and Tran confirmed to PC Gamer that they did not work with Epic on the new mode.

It seems unlikely that Epic will give InnerSloth any sort of credit, especially with the tasks system, which was the main mechanic that set Among Us apart from Werewolf and Mafia, but only time will tell. Among Us is now available on PC and consoles.

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