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SCHiM’s Shadow Jumping 3D Platforming Looks Wonderfully Unique


SCHiM’s Shadow Jumping 3D Platforming Looks Wonderfully Unique

Ever played the floor is lava as a child? Well, SCHiM takes that same concept but applies it to shadows. In this interesting-looking upcoming indie game, players control a frog-like shadow character, guiding them throughout the environment through the shadows.

News regarding this unique title came by way of a post to the Gaming subreddit, as user Ewould2001 revealed SCHiM with a gif that you can see below.

In the clip, you can see the frog not only maneuvering from shadow to shadow but also taking advantage of mechanics that are tied to each object’s silhouette. For example, jumping in the shade of an umbrella stand allows the character to get a little bounce, launching them over to another shadow across the way.

While there isn’t too much known about SCHiM outside of this short clip, the official Steam page did provide a little more insight.

SCHiM is a game about jumping through shadows in a challenging and lively environment, touch the light and it’s over!

A schim is the soul and spirit of an object, thing, or living thing. Everything in the world has one. A schim should NEVER be separated from their thing! This does happen to your schim, this schim who is attached to a human being is separated from him early on in the game.

The page also details that the game will have a beautiful abstract world, with each level featuring its own scenery, small stories, and unique animated platforms and environments.

SCHiM is being developed by Ewoud van der Werf, though it has no exact release date planned at this moment. For more gaming content, be sure to search Twinfinite, as there are plenty of features, news, and quizzes for you to enjoy.

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