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Okami’s Amaterasu Is Coming to Monster Hunter Rise Next Week as a Free DLC


Okami’s Amaterasu Is Coming to Monster Hunter Rise Next Week as a Free DLC

There’s a special Okami franchise cameo coming to Monster Hunter Rise; a free DLC launching next week, July 30, adds an Amaterasu costume/armor for your Palamute companion.

The armor, called Ammy Costume, changes your companion’s appearance to that of the classic white wolf, which represents the god of the Sun in Okami. Capcom released a trailer with Amaterasu showcasing the character in action attacking other monsters and serving as a mount for the player.

Since Okami used a cel-shaded art style that resembled a painting or a cartoon, it’s pretty cool to see details like Amaterasu’s fire in realistic style on Monster Hunter Rise. It has also been confirmed a Capcom Collab 3 in August and Collabs 4 and 5 by Fall.

If you have been playing Monster Hunter Stories 2: Wings of Ruin on Switch you also get a Rider armor set if you have save game data on the same console. If you missed the first Capcom Collab, it was just a Palico costume of the Tsukino Felyne from Monster Hunter Stories 2: Wings of Ruin and you can still get it.

Monster Hunter Rise has been a fully exclusive Nintendo Switch title so far, but it’s also coming out on PC sometime in 2022, around the first semester, although no release date has been confirmed so far. There’s a good chance that the Monster Hunter Rise PC version will just have all this DLC in the base version.

If you’re new to the franchise or are still not sure if the game is for you, there’s a Monster Hunter Rise demo on the eShop. Also, you can check out our Monster Hunter Rise review right here if you haven’t yet made your mind up on the game.

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