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Ninja Explains Why the UFOs are Ruining Fortnite

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Ninja Explains Why the UFOs are Ruining Fortnite

In his latest YouTube video, Ninja explains why he feels the UFOs introduced in Chapter 2 Season 7 have been ruining the Fortnite experience.

After being abducted into one of the Abductor UFOs that fly overhead a few named locations on the map each match, Ninja talks about how the Vault Orbs that players need to collect in the time limit are making it far too easier to have an incredibly powerful loadout.

After a rather disappointing performance in the mothership mini-game with his teammate CouRageJD where the pair only managed to get ‘Uncommon Vault Tier Access,’ Ninja talks about the problem with the minigame and the rewards you get.

“You don’t have to do it, but like dude, if we got the gold bro, we would have had a full gold loadout and it’s disgusting.”

While Ninja makes a valid point regarding just how many legendary rarity containers players get access to if they’re able to get all five Vault Orbs in the mini-game, this only happens once per match, and it can be difficult to obtain all five of orbs when competing with other teams.

Other players over on the FortniteBR subreddit have complained that the smaller, drivable UFO vehicles aren’t balanced. The ability to abduct players and hold them in place mid-air, or fling them out into the storm circle during later rounds have been highlighted as two particular issues with the vehicle.

Do you agree with Ninja about the UFOs in Fortnite? Are you a fan of them or will you be relieved if they leave the game when the new season kicks off in what we suspect will be a few weeks’ time? Let us know down in the comments below, or visit our wiki for some guides to help you grind out that XP this season.

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