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Dice Legacy Rolls its Way to Nintendo Switch & PC This September

Dice Legacy

Dice Legacy Rolls its Way to Nintendo Switch & PC This September

Developer DESTINYbit and publishers Ravenscourt and Koch Media have just announced that their dice-based survival build-’em-up, Dice Legacy, will be coming to Nintendo Switch and PC on September 9.

The new announcement was complemented by some new footage detailing the upcoming title’s gameplay mechanics. Feel free to check out the full video down below:

As you can see, Dice Legacy looks like a really cool blend of boardgame, RTS and city-building mechanics while mixing in some pretty unique dice-centric gameplay. From the looks of things, building up the population of your town and surviving is key to your success. Here’s the official rundown courtesy of a press release from the developer:

The gameplay overview explains the first steps to establishing a thriving settlement on the shores of this new, unexplored world, hidden by fog.

Take good care of your dice population by building supply chains for food and drink to keep them happy and healthy. Don’t forget to build up stock that will last your people through the harsh winter, which is only one of the challenges and dangers you will have to face.

Hostile forces will try to steal your goods and attack your buildings, so make sure that your settlement isn’t without soldiers to defend it.

Drive back the fog and expand your realm in a game that is unlike any other. Explore ruins and uncover ancient secrets. Forge new powerful dice to help in your endeavor to rule the entire ringworld as you make your own destiny in Dice Legacy.

Dice Legacy is part of PAX Online from 15-18 July, so make sure to stop by!

Dice Legacy will launch on Nintendo Switch and PC on September 9.

In the meantime, what say you? Are you looking forward to building your own city in Dice Legacy? Or is it a hard pass from you? Roll that eight-sided die in the usual place down below and let us know.

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