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Bitlife: How to Rob a Bank

bitlife rob a bank

Bitlife: How to Rob a Bank

If you’re looking to be the biggest criminal the world of Bitlife has ever seen, then you’ll likely want to give robbing a bank a try. Not only does this increase your stature within the world of crime, but it can also net you a hefty amount of cash. In this guide, we’ll show you how to rob a bank in Bitlife and get away with it.

Robbing a Bank in Bitlife

To rob a bank in Bitlife, you’ll first need to head to go to the ‘Crime’ menu within ‘Activities.’ Here, you’ll now see the ‘Bank Robbery’ option.

This then opens up a number of different options, from what disguise you’ll wear, how you’ll get away from the scene of the crime, the bank you want to rob, and the weapon you’ll use in case things go south.

While these may seem like they play an important part in whether or not you successfully rob a bank or not, they actually don’t. From our experiences, you can pick whatever you want here, and then the game will randomly decide whether you were successful or not.

If one combination of bank, weapon, disguise and getaway vehicle don’t work, try again with another combination. This really is just a case of trial and error, so eventually you should find a selection that works for you.

Should you be unsuccessful with your robbery and end up in prison, fear not. We’ve got a guide on how to escape prison, to get you back out on the streets so you can try again.

That’s everything you need to know on how to rob a bank in Bitlife. If you’re looking for more tips and tricks, you can find more of our coverage on the game below. Alternatively, search for Twinfinite when you’re next Googling what you need to know.

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