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BitLife Model Guide – How to Become a Model

Being a model in BitLife easy, but being a famous model takes hard work.

Fame and money are so much easier to obtain in BitLife when you’re beautiful. However, it’s a tough gig in its own right, and you might not make it your first time through. Luckily, our handy BitLife model guide will keep you on track.

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How to Become a Famous Model in BitLife

You won’t be walking the runways as a model in BitLife right off the bat. It’s going to take some time and effort before you make it to the big leagues. Let’s get started and look at what you need to do, which has all changed in a recent model update.

  1. Be born beautiful.

    Okay, so maybe this step isn’t exactly necessary, but it certainly makes the journey easier. You want your ‘Looks’ to be as close to 80% as you can get it. If you’re average, there’s always plastic surgery down the road when you’ve made some money as an adult.

    As always, you can reroll and start new lives until you’re happy with your base beauty stat. Having it high saves you a lot of cash and trouble down the road.

  2. Take care of your body.

    Along with good looks, you need a great body, too. Exercising in BitLife naturally improves all of your stats, including your looks. Go on walks, visit the gym, take martial arts classes, and avoid situations that result in damage like fights.

  3. Start taking modeling lessons.

    As a fairly recent feature, you can now attend model lessons from the age of 10. Of course, you’ll need your parents’ approval to do so, but for your character, they’re free until you turn 18. We recommend going to five a year to slowly fill up the modeling skill bar.

  4. Begin your career.

    Go to the Special Careers tab, where you’ll see a new option for modeling. First of all, take a headshot, choosing either grayscale or full color. Once you’ve got that, apply for local casting calls, which tend to be for small businesses or low-level fashion brands. The pay isn’t great, but it gets your foot in the door and increases your profile.

  5. Join an agency.

    After a few freelance gigs, go back to Special Careers are try to get an agency behind you. It may take plenty of trial and error until you find one whose demographics fit your character. Once invited to an audition you have to pull off a pose for them, changing your quirkiness, poise, and attitude. If accepted, you’ll be a part of their agency. Then you can either accept their base salary and the percentage of commission they take or haggle.

  6. Advance your career.

    Once you’re part of an agency, BitLife modeling jobs should come flying in. You can view your overall portfolio, develop your own signature style of modeling, and go directly to casting directors interested in working with you. You still have to audition for gigs and earn money per shoot, but you get the base salary to increase your funds, too.

Of course, it’s not all quite as easy as that. As your BitLife life progresses, you’ll occasionally need to top up your looks stat via plastic surgery, as it’ll naturally slip down as you age. The modeling career also doesn’t last forever, as you’ll get fired much earlier due to your age than in other occupations.

As such, you need to make the most of your career while it lasts. That means capitalizing upon the fame that comes with it, appearing on TV, doing photo shoots, and writing books. You can make millions as a model, but the fountain isn’t quite as endless as careers like an actor or musician.

There you have it: all that goes into becoming a model in BitLife. You don’t have to worry about college or even doing good in school. As long as you look good, modeling will be in your future. It’s also pretty handy for marrying into royalty!

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