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Super Robot Wars 30 Gets Crossover-filled Trailer, 2021 Release Window

Super Robot Wars 30

Super Robot Wars 30 Gets Crossover-filled Trailer, 2021 Release Window

The Super Robot Wars series is celebrating its 30th anniversary, and Super Robot Wars 30 has received a new teaser trailer to commemorate the occasion.

Streamed on June 15 via the official Nintendo YouTube channel, the trailer offers a glimpse at some of the characters, gameplay, and story that’ll be available in the sequel. Likewise, it reveals that the game is currently slated for release on the Nintendo Switch. Whether or not it will release on other platforms is unknown at this time, but we’ll update the article accordingly should that change.

While not many mechs, robots, and pilots were shown off in the trailer, a few of particular note did make an appearance. These include Amuro Ray and the original Mobile Suit Gundam; Suzaku Kururugi and the Knightmare Frame Lancelot; and Koji Kabuto and the Mazinger Z.

Some of these characters were even shown to be interacting with one another. Given the series’ history – and the long history of robot and mecha-centric anime to draw from – these characters and their interactions are only the tip of the iceberg.

It’s a trailer mech and robot fans are sure to enjoy, and well worth a look for those who can speak Japanese or have access to some closed captions. The trailer can be found down below.

Robot Wars 30 is currently slated for release in 2021 on Nintendo Switch, and we’ll update this article accordingly if the number of platforms it’s releasing on changes. For more on all things mecha and anime, be sure to check out the related articles down below.

For more on E3 and all of the announcements made during it, stay tuned to Twinfinite. We’ve been covering every reveal, teaser, and gameplay showcase as they’ve been happening for nearly a week, and you can find all of our coverage on the front page.

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