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Pokemon GO July 2021 Community Day Will Feature Tepig

Tepig Community Day

Pokemon GO July 2021 Community Day Will Feature Tepig

Earlier today, Niantic revealed that Tepig will be the featured creature for Pokemon GO July Community Day. The Fire Pig Pokemon from the Unova region is the second starter from the fifth generation to be the featured Community Day ‘mon (Snivy was first back in April).

On July 3 from 11 AM to 5 PM local time, Pokemon GO players will get to enjoy a handful of bonuses that are fairly customary at this point. The catch bonus for Tepig Community Day will be triple stardust. And just like the past events, Incense and Lures will last for three hours each.

All of the other features are also standard for Community Day events, starting with the fact that Tepig will be appearing more often in the wild. And don’t forget to take a snapshot during the event to randomly get a photobombing Tepig in your pictures.

Shiny Tepig will also be added to the game. This color variation isn’t much to look at, but once fully evolved Emboar sports some extremely stylish blue flames.

What’s more, that shiny Emboar — or any regular Emboar — will learn the very powerful Fire-type attack, Blast Burn when you evolve Pignite during the event time and up to two hours after Tepig Community Day ends (11 AM to 7 PM local time).

And if you feel like picking up a few premium options, then there will be a ticket for a Special Research story and a Community Day Box available in the shop. The Special Research story is titled Roasted Berries and like past Community Day Special Research tickets, it will cost $1 to take part. Tickets are not yet available in the Shop, but they typically appear well before the day of the event.

As for the Community Day Box, it’ll cost you 1280 PokeCoins to receive the 50 Ultra Balls, five Incense, five Star Pieces, and single Elite Charged TM contained within.

Pokemon GO July 2021 Community Day featuring Tepig will take place on July 3 from 11 AM to 5 PM local time.

If you would like to read the official release from The Pokemon GO Team, you can check it out right here. And while you’re here, come check out some details on the upcoming Pokemon GO Fest 2021.

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