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Halo Infinite Multiplayer Overview Covers Customization & the Academy

Halo Infinite Multiplayer

Halo Infinite Multiplayer Overview Covers Customization & the Academy

The Xbox & Bethesda Games Showcase has come and gone, but 343 Industries is still providing more details on the multiplayer gameplay for Halo Infinite, well ahead of its holiday 2021 release window. The developer made a pretty long blog post about the game’s free-to-play multiplayer yesterday, and now, we have a new overview trailer that provides even more info.

The overview focuses on three main aspects of the multiplayer: the sandbox, customization, and the Academy. The sandbox basically refers to everything available in a map, from the vehicles to the weapons, to the wide variety of devices that can be interacted with. And, of course, this includes power-ups.

One of the new gameplay features in Halo Infinite multiplayer allows players to use power-ups like Overshields and Active Camouflage whenever they want instead of having the powers activate as soon as they’re picked up. Instead, they’ll be stored in a little inventory for manual use. If you die with items in your inventory, other players can then pick them up.

Halo Infinite Vehicles

A few changes have been made to vehicles as well. Now, when you take damage in a vehicle, different parts of it can get damaged, causing it to handle differently. There’s also a “doomsday” mechanic that occurs when vehicles catch fire. There’s a limited amount of time before it explodes, so choosing to stay on a bit longer, or abandon it, can change up gameplay scenarios.

There’s even a new vehicle called the Razorback that allows players to store weapons and items on it. So, abandoning the vehicle during a doomsday scenario might be safe, but costly. Another update allows for vehicles and weapon pods to be delivered by Pelicans to the battlefield, instead of simply spawning at bases.

Halo Infinite Cosmetics

Player expression and customization play a big part in Halo Infinite multiplayer. Each player can choose a personal AI that updates them on the situations going on mid-match. There’s also customizable armor, of course. This includes attachments, plates, emblems, and more. And for the first time, prosthetics are an option in that personalization process for your character.

More cosmetics can be earned through the game’s battle passes. Once you purchase a pass for a season it’ll never expire, so you can choose which pass/season to put your progression towards if you own more than one. These pass rewards also can’t be outright bought, so they need to be earned by playing the game.

And finally, the Academy is a place where both veteran players and newcomers can practice against bots in various different combat scenarios. There are tutorials, weapon drills, and a training mode that can be used to explore the game in other ways.

You can check out the Halo Infinite multiplayer overview for yourself right here to see everything mentioned above and more:

Check back in with us for more Halo Infinite news, as we’ll be covering any new details when they become available.

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