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GTFO “Rebirth://EXTENDED” Update Launches; Version 1 Plans Teased


GTFO “Rebirth://EXTENDED” Update Launches; Version 1 Plans Teased

Developer 10 Chambers has this week launched another update for its acclaimed Early Access cooperative shooter, GTFO. Called “Rebirth://EXTENDED,” the Rundown adds five new expeditions to the eight already existing – making it the most extensive Rundown so far, with 13 expeditions in total. It also introduces a new objective, where you and your inmates need to survive hordes of enemy waves for 30 minutes – all while at the same time progressing the expedition, solving complex tasks like hacking terminals.

Simon Viklund, narrative director and composer of GTFO said of today’s news:

“The beauty with the Rundown concept is that we can throw new challenges at our community with every new one and see how they are received. The community can always be excited for what will come next, and it is also more fun for us to develop. It keeps us on our creative toes. The new ‘horde objective’ will require some high level of stress management from our Prisoners,”

Here’s an overview of everything new added in GTFO Rebirth://EXTENDED:

  • [New in Rebirth://EXTENDED] EXPEDITIONS EXTENDED — Can you master, let alone survive, all thirteen expeditions included in the Rebirth://EXTENDED update? Show The Warden what you’re made of.
  • [New in Rebirth://EXTENDED] EXPENDABLE — The Warden is curious to see how well prisoners react to constant stimulation and the threat of death. Can you survive a full 30-minutes of wave after wave of gruesome monsters? Do it for science. 
  • [Added in Rebirth Rundown] New Environment: Floodways — Mother Nature has met her match with The Warden. Plantlife has been allowed to propagate in the new Floodways sector of The Complex, but so have new nightmares and obstacles. You’ll need a steady trigger finger as opposed to a green thumb to survive here.
  • [Added in Rebirth Rundown] New Enemy: Spawner — Keep your eyes forward and also up. Spawners reside on ceilings, giving birth to monsters even in rooms already previously cleared. 
  • [Added in Rebirth Rundown] Booster Implants — Collect artifacts during the Rundown and offer them to The Warden for a prize: an injection of “special” liquid into your brain that boosts abilities. Booster Implants carry to additional Rundown playthroughs even if killed, offering players additional incentive to progress. 

In addition to the release of the game’s latest Rundown, there’s also news on GTFO’s emergence from Early Access to a full Version 1.0.

Creative director Ulf Andersson explains:

“We have fleshed out a pretty extensive list of features we want available in GTFO as a Version 1.0 game; we have always wanted the Version 1.0 launch to be felt. The transition from Early Access to Version 1.0 will be noticed in this game – and we feel confident that this transition will happen this year.”

GTFO launched as an Early Access game back in late 2019; Twinfinite previewed it at the time and was thoroughly impressed. Since then, 10 Chambers has added a wealth of new content and features that have improved it further.

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