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Returnal Child’s Watch: What It Does & How to Get It

returnal child's watch

Returnal Child’s Watch: What It Does & How to Get It

On your journey across the hostile alien planet of Atropos in Returnal, you’ll come across a bunch of different artifacts and items you can use to help you push through the various biomes, stomp the bosses, and help Selene figure out exactly what is going on. The Child’s Watch is one such item you’ll come across, but with a vague description: “Personal item. It won’t let you go.” As such, you may be wondering what the Child’s Watch does in Returnal, and how you can get one for yourself in future runs.

What the Returnal Child’s Watch Does

The Child’s Watch brings players back to life when their health reaches zero. You’ll come back to life in the exact place you were when you died, with all of your weapons, parasites, artifacts and other items, and a small amount of health.

This makes it very similar to the Astronaut Figurine, which brings players back to life but with a full health bar, as opposed to the small amount the Child’s Watch does.

Both the Astronaut Figurine and the Returnal Child’s Watch will stack in your inventory, essentially giving you two extra lives on your run. We’d recommend obtaining both of these items at all costs, as they come in particularly handy during boss fights.

How to Get the Child’s Watch

The watch can be bought from Fabricator’s for 175 Obolites. It can also be obtained for free by exploring biomes’ side areas and paths thoroughly before pressing on towards the boss fight or through the gate into the next area.

That’s everything you need to know on what the Returnal Child’s Watch does and how to get it. For more tips and tricks on Returnal, head over to our wiki, or see more of our coverage on the game below.

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