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Returnal Obolites: How to Break Obolite Chunks & Use Obolite Repository

returnal obolites

Returnal Obolites: How to Break Obolite Chunks & Use Obolite Repository

Returnal Obolites are one of the resources in the game you’ll use to fabricate items and other artifacts in the game. Any Obolites you gather during a run will be lost once you die, which is where using the Obolite Repository in Returnal comes in handy. Of course, getting this ‘currency’ of sorts requires you to break Obolite Chunks scattered throughout the world, or by defeating enemies. In this guide, we’ll talk you through how to break Obolite Chunks in Returnal and how to use the Obolite Repository.

Breaking Obolite Chunks in Returnal

To break Obolite Chunks in Returnal, you’ll need to get the Atropian Blade, which we’ve detailed how to unlock in our ‘how to melee guide.’

returnal obolite chunks

Once you’ve got the Atropian Blade, you can melee and break Obolite Chunks by pressing Square when standing next to one.

returnal obolite chunks

There are also Malignant Obolite Chunks which are purple in color. These will also give you Returnal Obolites, but also have a chance of inflicting a Malfunction on you.

Using the Obolite Repository

The Obolite Repository is a device that exchanges Ether and Obolites for one another. Ether is used for cleansing Malignant objects and is required to use the Reconstructor that enables you to respawn from the last one of these you used when you die, rather than at the Crash Site you normally would.

To use the Returnal Obolite Repository, press Triangle to exchange 5 Ether for 200 Obolites, or Square to exchange 300 Obolites for 5 Ether.

This is useful, as any Ether you acquire during your runs will stick with you when you respawn, unlike Obolites. As such, if you have a ton of Obolites in one run and find an Obolite Repository, we’d recommend exchanging some for Ether for using a Reconstructor in future runs.

That’s everything you need to know on Returnal Obolites, how to break Obolite Chunks, and using the Obolite Repository. Our wiki has plenty more tips and tricks to help uncover the secrets of Atropos!

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