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Returnal: What the Astronaut Figurine Does & How to Get It


Returnal: What the Astronaut Figurine Does & How to Get It

With a rather cryptic in-game description, the Returnal Astronaut Figurine can seem a bit pointless when you first get it during Selene’s adventure. The description merely reads “Personal Item. It doesn’t want to let you go.” In this guide, we’ll explain what the Astronaut Figurine does in Returnal, and how you can get one in each of your runs across Atropos.

What Does the Astronaut Figurine Do in Returnal?

The Astronaut Figurine essentially gives you a second life as long as it’s in your ‘Equipment.’

Normally, upon death in Returnal, you’ll be shown a brief cutscene before being sent back to your ship — Helios — and your progress is reset. When you’ve got the Astronaut Figurine, you’ll immediately come back to life with full health and all your weapons, parasites and artifacts.

This makes it Returnal’s Astronaut Figurine one of the best items to carry before heading into a boss fight, as it essentially doubles up the amount of damage you can take before actually dying and being sent back to the beginning.

How to Get the Astronaut Figurine

The Astronaut Figurine can be bought from Fabricator’s for 300 Obolites. We’d highly recommend getting one whenever you see them up for sale, as they’re incredibly useful for getting you through the last few stages of that pesky boss fight, and can save you hours of progress in the process.

returnal astronaut figurine

If you’ve not got the Obolites to spare, we’d recommend using the Obolite Repository to convert any Ether you’re carrying into this currency so you can buy one.

Now you know what the Returnal Astronaut Figurine does, be sure to purchase one whenever you’ve got the Obolites to do so. It’s well worth the price and can help you push onto that next biome you’ve been working towards. For more tips and tricks, head over to our wiki.

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