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Arkane Reveals Info About Deathloop’s Weapons, Abilities, & Trinkets


Arkane Reveals Info About Deathloop’s Weapons, Abilities, & Trinkets

There has been a lot of mystery surrounding Deathloop, as there isn’t entirely too much info about the game outside of the fact that players can control two characters with opposite goals. Colt is trying to break the loop he finds himself stuck in, while Julianna wants to stop him at any cost.

How exact will each player accomplish this, though? Arkane was able to shed a bit of light on that at a recent preview event for the game, as they delved into a lot of the stuff Colt will have at his disposal to try and escape the loop.


For example, there are multiple weapon classes that make up Colt’s arsenal. Those include:

  • Machete
  • Hand Guns (Can be dual-wielded)
  • SMGs (Can be dual-wielded)
  • Machine guns 
  • Rifles 
  • Shotguns
  • Silenced nail gun (aka – PT-6 ‘Spiker’) (Can be dual-wielded)
  • Sapper Charge: a grenade that also features Proximity Sensor and Trip Mine modes
  • Automatic Turrett
  • Hackamajig: a versatile tool capable of accessing locked doors, hacking turrets to attack Eternalists, or creating distractions.

As you’ve likely seen from the bits of gameplay footage Arkane has released for Deathloop so far, weapons aren’t the only thing that players will be able to use to take out opponents. Colt also has an ability known as Slabs at his disposal.

Slabs are rare artifacts that grant you a number of superpowers to pick from, each with its own unique and helpful perks. Examples of this include:

  • Reprise: Colt’s slab that gives him the ability to rewind time on death twice. Die a third time and the loop resets.
  • Shift: Allows the player to teleport themselves across the environment.
  • Aether: renders Colt invisible to Eternalists, lasers, and most importantly the Visionaries.
  • Havoc: absorbs the damage that Colt takes from enemies and allows players to discharge it in an epic blast of destructive power.
  • Karnesis: gives players the power to throw enemies around in any way they choose.
  • Nexus: links enemies together so that they share the same fate. Kill one, kill them all.

Lastly, there are Trinkets. These slottable items allow you to customize your loadout, offering specific bonuses to your weapons, slab powers, and physical abilities. Trinket effects increase depending on their rarity.

Some examples of weapon trinkets in Deathloop include:

  • Crack Shot: Aiming down sights takes less time
  • Shock Absorber: Reduces gun recoil
  • Hipster: Greater accuracy when shooting from the hip
  • Lightning Strike: Increases distance at which your weapon does full damage
  • Mind Leech: Enemies suffer damage and lose power when hit
  • Big Box: Weapon magazines carry more bullets
  • Perforator: Many bullets blast through enemies. As satisfying as it sounds.
  • Silence Death: Silencer perk

But what exactly is the point of getting all of these interesting weapons, abilities, and Trinkets if they’re just going to reset every loop? Well, at one point in Deathloop’s story, Colt finds a way to carry over weapons, trinkets, and powers permanently across loops in the form of a mysterious resource known as Residuum.

How exactly players can find and build upon that Residuum has yet to be determined. For now, you’ll just have to wait until Deathloop releases for PS5 and PC on Sept. 14, 2021 to find out for yourself.

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