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This Charming Wind Waker CGI Short Will Have You Pining For a New Zelda Game

Wind Waker

This Charming Wind Waker CGI Short Will Have You Pining For a New Zelda Game

The Legend of Zelda: Wind Waker’s timeless art style still looks fantastic to this day, but The CG Bro’s new CGI Short reimagines the game’s iconic seafaring adventure in a high fidelity aesthetic that shows us a glimpse of what could be if Nintendo’s hardware was on par with rival consoles. Ultimately, it has me clamoring once again for any scrap of new information on Breath of the Wild 2!

Vitor Maccari, the artist behind the project, includes the following synopsis with the YouTube video today, which explains some of his inspiration when developing the project:

TheCGBros Presents “The Legend of Zelda: The Wind Waker Fanart Animation” by Vitor Maccari – The Legend of Zelda series always reminds me of my childhood because at this age I had my first experience on SNES, it was magical. The sensation of freedom in this journey into the unknown is the main characteristic of this series that I love. This is my attempt to explore worn-out materials, with mixed styles while keeping the original style with colorful and fantastic visuals.

The whole project was made by me (modeling, texturing, shading, animation, lighting, simulation and composition). The track was made in a partnership with Colombian composer Andrés Cárdenas. It was my first experience working with a composer, it was awesome and lots of fun working with him. Andrés was very kind, professional and dedicated. I really recommend his excellent work. I also made the animation for the credits screen.

There is, of course, an upcoming Zelda remake in the works: during February’s Nintendo Direct, Skyward Sword HD was announced for the Switch, and it will be releasing this summer.

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