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Returnal: How to Save Your Game

returnal save game

Returnal: How to Save Your Game

Returnal is a big departure for developer Housemarque as it moves from twin-stick arcade shooters to a sci-fi third-person shooter-cross-roguelite. It can get pretty grueling as you push further through its various biomes, and that may have some people praying for the option to save your game in Returnal. Well, here’s what you need to know about recording your progress so you can pick up from that point next time you’re ready to play.

How to Save in Returnal

So for the bad news. You cannot manually save in Returnal, and you can’t save your progress in the middle of runs. This is the same case as many other ‘roguelikes’ such as Hades, as dying and starting over is all part of the gameplay mechanics.

The best you can do if you really want to take a break from the sci-fi shooting action in the middle of a run is to put your PS5 in Rest Mode after pausing the game with the Options button. By doing this, when you turn your PS5 back on, you’ll be able to just press ‘Resume’ and continue from exactly where you left off.

Once you’ve cleared a run, some of your progress in Returnal is saved. For example, if you clear a boss and pick up the key they drop, you’ll then always have this in future runs, allowing you to skip the boss fight and move into the next biome quickly. Whether you choose to do this, or grind out the boss is entirely up to you.

When you do die, however, in true rogue-lite fashion, you’ll start from the beginning and need to progress through the various biomes once again.

That’s everything you need to know on saving your game in Returnal. For more tips, check out our Returnal guide wiki, or see more of our coverage on the game below.

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