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Returnal: Is There a Photo Mode? Answered

Photo Mode in Returnal

Returnal: Is There a Photo Mode? Answered

It’s no secret that Returnal is a gorgeous game. It might have you looking at the environment wishing you could trap the memory of when you first saw it. If so you might be wondering if the game features a Photo Mode. Here’s the answer for is there a Photo Mode in Returnal.

Is There a Photo Mode in Returnal?

It’s not a surprise that it seems this game would be a perfect fit for a Photo Mode, the environments are moody and beautiful and it would be excellent to get a closer view of the action in a paused slice of time. Getting to capture Selene’s unique brand of perseverance and confidence with built-in posing or customizable camera angle would surely bring players closer into the game.

With this, it is a shame that no, Returnal does not have a Photo Mode that players can take advantage of to capture the game’s endless beauty.

This doesn’t mean all is lost, however. Seeing as Returnal is a PS5 exclusive, the new console provides many ways to keep snapshots of the game you want to savor.

Between the easy access screenshot button (unless you have it customized for a different function) and capture menu, Returnal can still be mined for all its photogenic glory, you just have a slightly less tweakable means of saving images.

That’s all there is for if there is a Photo Mode in Returnal, folks.

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