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Oxenfree II Gets Reveal Trailer at Nintendo Indie World Showcase; Coming Later This Year

Oxenfree II officially Announced; Coming in 2021

Oxenfree II Gets Reveal Trailer at Nintendo Indie World Showcase; Coming Later This Year

It has been a long time coming, but Oxenfree fans can soon find out what comes next in the adventures of Riley and her friends via Oxenfree II: Lost Signals.

During the Nintendo Indie World Showcase held on Apr. 14, it was revealed that Oxenfree II is currently in development. The game is slated for release sometime in 2021, and will return to the story of Riley and her friends sometime after the events of the first game.

Specifics on its exact release date, and what the story of this new game will entail, have not been revealed at this time.

The reveal came via a teaser trailer for the sequel. The trailer starts with scenes from the first game set to forboding music, providing a nostalgic yet tense atmosphere to the events that unfolded. After a few seconds of this though, the music becomes distorted as a scene of Riley trying to make contact with someone appears on the screen. All does not seem to be ok, and they sound desperate to get a hold of Riley as soon as possible.

From there, the story’s supernatural elements reappear in full force. Entities hover in the background, interdimensional rifts open up above the player characters, and a massive storm brews above the lighthouse from the first game. It isn’t clear why all of this is happening, but one thing is certain: The player will need to help Riley figure out how to fix it.

It’s a solid teaser of what’s to come, and fans of the first game will definitely want to check out the full trailer down below.

Oxenfree II: Lost Signals is currently slated for release in 2021 on Nintendo Switch and PC. For more on the series, check out our take on whether the first Oxenfree is better than developer Night School Studio’s most recent offering Afterparty.

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