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Fortnite Lazy Lake Anomaly: How to Investigate an Anomaly Detected in Lazy Lake


Fortnite Lazy Lake Anomaly: How to Investigate an Anomaly Detected in Lazy Lake

In Fortnite Chapter 2 Season 6, there are plenty of challenges for players to complete to earn XP to level up their Battle Pass. One challenge tasks players with investigating an anomaly detected in Lazy Lake. This Fortnite Lazy Lake anomaly guide will talk you through where to find it, and how to complete this challenge, including the crystals puzzle.

First off, head to the two buildings at the very north of Lazy Lake. Once you get here, you want to head into the blue house with the number 1 on the outside (it’s the right of the two if you’re facing north, looking at them).

fortnite lazy lake anomaly

When you head inside, you’ll find the Fortnite Lazy Lake anomaly floating about around the steps. It’s in the shape of a butterfly, as we’ve seen before. Follow it down into the basement and you’ll be led to a computer terminal and seemingly a dead end.

fortnite lazy lake anomaly

Break through the wall behind the terminal and you’ll find a puzzle you can interact with at the center of the room.

investigate anomaly at lazy lake in fortnite

Each crystal around the size of the puzzle is a different color. You need to interact with the crystals in the following order:

  • Red Crystal
  • Purple Crystal
  • Blue Crystal
  • Green Crystal

Once you’ve done this, interact with the puzzle once more and you’ll have successfully investigated the Fortnite Lazy Lake anomaly, earning you a chunk of XP in the process for your Battle Pass.

For more tips and tricks, head over to our Fortnite wiki, or see more of our coverage on the game below.

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