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Cut Deals and Double Cross Your Rivals as Sub Rosa Enters Early Access


Cut Deals and Double Cross Your Rivals as Sub Rosa Enters Early Access

The cutthroat world of business comes to Steam Early Access.

Some games just take ages to develop and come to the market. However, thanks to Steam Early Access, there is now a balance that can be achieved with both development and allowing players to experience the game at an early stage. Sub Rosa, a multiplayer first-person shooter, has been around for a long time now, having been on Steam since 2017, but has always been hidden from the public eye. Four years on, developer Cryptic Sea is ready, as Sub Rosa is finally in Steam Early Access.

As part of the Future Games Show Spring Showcase, a new cinematic trailer for Sub Rosa reveals the announcement in some style. Publisher Devolver Digital has had a nice track record of bringing unexpected hits to players, and the hope is that this time around, it will be the same.

A first look at the game will instantly give you an experimental feel about how Cryptic Sea went about creating their shooter. Players are to make money, and that will involve cutting deals and double-crossing others to make it to the top.

So, if you like the intensity of tense standoffs and have an itchy finger on the trigger, it is likely Sub Rosa will be right up your alley.

The game does look like a low-poly version of what GTA Online brings to the table. That would give players plenty of room to roleplay, experience the world, and create fun on their own. Sounds like a good time if you already have a squad to roll with.

Although Sub Rosa has been in development for quite some time now, there is no set timeline for its exit from Steam Early Access. The final price has also not been set, but you get it for $20 now. Hopefully, this will be yet another gem in the collection of Devolver Digital.

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