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Knockout City Gets New Gameplay Breakdown During State of Play

Knockout City Beta

Knockout City Gets New Gameplay Breakdown During State of Play

Knockout City, the upcoming multiplayer dodgeball game by Velan Studios received a new gameplay breakdown trailer during tonight’s State of Play.

The new trailer featured narration from Velan Studios’ Joshua Nuernberger.

The trailer explored two of the game’s modes including Team K.O –the game’s standard mode, pitting two teams of three players against on another in an epic dodgeball battle. As well as Face Off, a 1 versus 1 mode on a constantly shrinking battleground.

It also showed off a new map called BackAlley Brawl. The map features an urban city design with an intricate tube system that allows players additional mobility options to travel around. BackAlley Brawl also features the Sniper Ball –a map specific ball that can be used to strike down an enemy from across the map.

Each map will feature its own unique map and feature such as Back Alley Brawl’s tube system.

The trailer’s narrator also broke down some of the moves available to you in Knockout City. Some basic moves include tosses, fake tosses, catching the ball, and trick shots that allow you to lob the ball over an edge.

You can become the ball itself to get the drop on your opponent. If one of your teammates already transformed into a ball, you can use them to charge up an ultimate throw to drop an explosive shot on the enemy team.

Knockout City releases on PlayStation 4, PC, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch –and PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X/S via backward compatibility on May 21.

There will also be a cross-play beta for the game which players can sign up for at The game held a PC-only beta offered to a limited number of players through Steam earlier this week.

You can watch the new gameplay trailer for Knockout City right here.

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