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Fortnite 15.20 Update Adds Hop Rock Dualies, Lever Action Shotgun & New Cosmetics

fortnite 15.20 update

Fortnite 15.20 Update Adds Hop Rock Dualies, Lever Action Shotgun & New Cosmetics

Fortnite’s 15.20 update is currently being rolled out, with the game’s servers going down for maintenance in the meantime. Thanks to the usual bunch of dataminers on Twitter, though, we know the patch will introduce a couple of new weapons and a whole host of new cosmetics.

The most notable additions are the Hop Rock Dualies. Courtesy of GuilleGAG over on Twitter, we already know the pistols will deal 43 damage to players and use the medium-size ammo type. Reload time will come in at 2.7 seconds and they’ll have a combined clip size of 18 rounds.

In addition to these, Fortnite’s 15.20 update will also introduce the Lever Action Shotgun. This is a pump-action shotgun that deals high damage at a moderate fire rate. It’s only really effective at short range, however, and has a limited magazine size. It’ll come in all five rarity types in the game from Common to Legendary.

It’s worth pointing out that the damage listed for the shotgun is per pellet in each shot. Given a shotgun fires multiple pellets per shot, you can rest assured the total damage will be closer to 100 or possibly even greater.

Elsewhere, we got a quick look at some of the new skins coming to Fortnite as part of the new update, courtesy of dataminer HYPEX. Ruby, Orin, and Tess all appear to be new skins coming to the Item Shop over the coming weeks. Orin is arguably the most interesting with its cel-shaded art style.

In terms of gameplay changes coming as part of Fortnite’s 15.20 update, only one is currently known about. All player-built structures will now be uneditable until it’s completely built in the environment following the update.

It would also appear that the Secret Battle Pass Outfit for Fortnite Chapter 2 Season 5 has been revealed, with Guille_GAG revealing a rather familiar face in an upcoming spray.

Yes, that’s Predator.

Fortnite’s downtime is still currently ongoing across all platforms. There is currently no word on when servers will be back up, but downtime tends to last for at least an hour or two.

What do you make of the new weapons and cosmetics coming in the Fortnite 15.20 update? Let us know down in the comments below. For more on Fortnite, you can head over to our wiki.

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