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Check Out the Making of Genshin Impact’s Beautiful Dragonspine Region

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Check Out the Making of Genshin Impact’s Beautiful Dragonspine Region

Genshin Impact’s Dragonspine update is its largest yet, not only adding new quest content but an entirely new region to the world of Teyvat. The terrain of this snowy, mountainous area is in stark contrast to what we’ve seen before, which makes exploring its freezing wilderness all the more compelling.

Today, in a mini-documentary called Snow-Covered Path, developer miHoYo has shed some light on the development processes behind Dragonspine’s creation. It’s fascinating to hear just how much research and effort goes into forging these spectacular environments.

It’s explained that the Dragonspine is based on the Matterhorn mountain in Europe, which captured the imagination of the team for its striking conical shape. Also, that its relatively small size compared to the rest of the open-world meant that miHoYo spent a substantial amount of time crafting interior cave sections to maximize the explorable area.

There are a bunch more interesting takeaways, too, but I’ll let you watch for yourselves — you’ll need to pop on closed captions for the translation, but do make sure you have your sound on as the music is excellent.

Today’s documentary follows news yesterday that Genshin Impact’s iOS and Android versions would be getting controller support in the next update.

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