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Stardew Valley’s Biggest Update, Version 1.5, Is Available Now on PC

stardew valley 1.5

Stardew Valley’s Biggest Update, Version 1.5, Is Available Now on PC

Stardew Valley’s long-waited version 1.5—the game’s biggest update yet—is available to download now for PC. The update will be coming to consoles and mobile in early 2021.

This update adds significant content to the popular farming simulation game, including “late game” additions.

We’ll share a few of the new Stardew Valley content here in a spoiler-free way, as outlined by developer ConcernedApe’s latest blog post, as well as a link to the full changelog.

First, there are additional options available if you are starting a new game. Most notably, there’s a new farm option called “Beach Farm” that is good for fishing and foraging with a chance for rare supply crate to wash up on shore

For new games, there are also now advanced options that you can set to do things like randomize community center bundles for a harder playthrough.

The next big addition is the inclusion of splitscreen co-op. You could previously share a farm with other players online, but now you’ll be able to share one locally.

ConcernedApe also shared in his blog post a list of spoiler-free additions you can expect in this update:

  • New people to meet
  • New goals
  • Many new items
  • A new type of quest
  • A new farm layout
  • New character events
  • A new Community Upgrade
  • Home renovations (after you’ve fully upgraded your house)
  • Ducks can now swim
  • You can sit in chairs
  • You can move your bed
  • Fish Tanks
  • A bunch of new furniture items as well as new furniture types like wall sconces
  • New secrets
  • 9 new music tracks
  • And so much more… you’ll just have to see, I can’t bear to spoil it

ConcernedApe even shared that popular modders of the game were given early access to version 1.5, so any PC mods you have downloaded should soon be updated to work with this new update.

You can read the full spoiler-free blog post right here. If you’re interested in viewing the full changelog (with spoilers!) for Stardew Valley version 1.5, you can see it here.

PC players can update their game right now, while console and mobile players can look forward to version 1.5 in early 2021.

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