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Every New Monster Confirmed for Monster Hunter Rise, so Far

every new monster confirmed for monster hunter rise so far

Every New Monster Confirmed for Monster Hunter Rise, so Far

During a Nintendo Direct Mini: Partner Showcase today (or should I say Monster Hunter direct), Capcom unveiled a brand-new Monster Hunter title exclusively for the Nintendo Switch called Monster Hunter Rise.

It features similar action-RPG gameplay that MH fans will feel familiar with but thanks to the new Wirebug mechanic, players will be able to pull themselves toward objects for fast traversal and it can even be used to pull off combos during monster encounters.

Rise will also have brand-new monsters added to the game as well as many fan-favorites from past titles. Here are the monsters confirmed so far for Monster Hunter Rise.


The Somnacanth is a brand-new monster for the series and resembles a sot of creepy mermaid monster. It can shoot out sleep powder from a gross organ on its neck, so hunters need to be prepared, or else they’ll find themselves taking a forced nap, which can be annoying.

This beast doesn’t like when folks trespass its territory, so once you spot it, get ready for it to be very aggressive.

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