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Borderlands 3: Season Pass 2 Kicks Off With Sizzle Reel Showing New Skill Trees


Borderlands 3: Season Pass 2 Kicks Off With Sizzle Reel Showing New Skill Trees

A sizzle reel for Season Pass 2 of Borderlands 3 content released today to coincide with the content’s launch. The new trailer is heavy on dubstep, heavy on quick cuts, but debatably heavy on new content. It’s kind of hard to tell what anything is but check it out for yourself below anyway.

The big additions coming in Season Pass 2 in 2020 include the addition of a new skill tree for each of the game’s four character classes along with a new game mode called Arms Race.

The new skill trees include:

  • Enlightened Force Amara: “Bowl a bloody path through your opposition with Amara the Siren’s Enlightened Force skill tree, featuring Cryo elemental effects and the Phaseflare orb of death!”
  • Trapper Fl4k: “Render enemies helpless with FL4K the Beastmaster’s Trapper skill tree, immobilizing your prey with the Gravity Snare so you and your new Loader Bot companion can get a clean shot!”
  • Bear Mother Moze: “Be the proudest mech momma with Moze the Gunner’s Bear Mother skill tree, which replaces Iron Bear with the self-piloting, adorably tiny (but still exceptionally deadly) Iron Cub!”
  • The Professional Zane: “Eliminate targets with lethal precision using Zane the Operative’s The Professional skill tree, sniping faraway foes using the MNTIS Shoulder Cannon and its multiple charge.”

Arms Race is being described as a “rogue-like” “murder show.” You’ll be dropped into an area where you need to scavenge loot and survive as long as possible with teammates. It seems to have elements of battle royale, but isn’t exactly one either. Here’s a taste of it here:

You don’t have to wait, at all, if you’ve purchased Season Pass 2 of Borderlands 3, the designer’s cut content is out now. Later in 2021, Season Pass 2 owners will have access to the Director’s Cut which will contain more content.

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