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Kojima Productions Adds Ludens Figure and White Rubber Ducky to Store

Ludens Rubber Duck

Kojima Productions Adds Ludens Figure and White Rubber Ducky to Store

Kojima Productions has announced a new Figma figure of their Ludens mascot, alongside a white version of the Ludens rubber duck. Yes, like the kind sung about in Sesame Street that goes in bathtubs. Let’s get quackin’ on giving you more information. (Nope, don’t feel even a little shamed for making that joke.)

If you have played Death Stranding you have surely seen the Kojima Productions logo. You know, the one with the weird knight helmet with the skull inside? That’s the one.

The Ludens figure isn’t a brand new figure, but instead redresses the usually white mascot in black. This figure will run you $120. There don’t seem to be any purchase restrictions or stock limitation. If you’re really feeling the look of this one, the white one is certainly also in stock (there is a handy color selector as if you are simply buying a pair of shoes).

Black Ludens Figma Figure

For the main event, as I imagine everyone is here for the rubber ducky, yes? Of course you are. Imagine the Ludens mascot. Okay, you got it? Now, also imagine a white rubber ducky. Smash them both together in your imagination. Is this what you came up with?

Ludens Rubber Duck

You bet it is. It’s adorable and can be yours for $15. This isn’t the first Ludens duck, either. The store page has this to say for the item’s description: “Little brother to the yellow Ludens duck. Every home needs one of these as a pet!”

Merchandise like this shows how willing Kojima Productions is to be entirely silly. A Ludens figure makes sense, but a rubber duck is certainly not everyone’s idea of merch.

Will you be picking up either of these new items? Have you already purchased the yellow Ludens duck? Share all your duck related information with us in the comments!

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