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Get a Look at Upcoming Exotic Weapons & Armor in Latest Destiny 2: Beyond Light Trailer


Get a Look at Upcoming Exotic Weapons & Armor in Latest Destiny 2: Beyond Light Trailer

Bungie lifted the veil today on a ton of new upcoming exotic weapons and armor in the latest trailer for Destiny 2: Beyond Light. Let’s take a peak and enjoy how awesome they all look now before they release and they are sorted into the OP, OK, and Trash piles upon Beyond Light’s release.

If you’re keeping track at home, like me, you’ll see the following exotics make an appearance:

  • No Time to Explain Pulse Rifle
    • Perk: “Personal Protection Portal”
  • Cloudstrike Sniper Rifle
    • Perk: “Lightning on Precision Hits”
  • The Lament Sword
    • Perk: “Shred Barrier Shields”
  • Salvation’s Grip Grenade Launcher
    • Perk: “Launch Stasis Projectiles”
  • Icefall Mantle Titan Gauntlets
    • Perk: “Replaces Barricade With Overshield”
  • Precious Scars Titan Helmet
    • Perk: “Revive Creates Shielding Aura”
  • Mask of Bakris Hunter Helmet
    • Perk: “Shift Replaces Dodge”
  • Athrys’s Embrace Hunter Gauntlets
    • Perk: “Superior Weighted Knife”
  • Dawn Chorus Warlock Helmet
    • Perk: “Improved Burns and Daybreak Damage”
  • Necrotic Grip Warlock Gauntlets
    • Perk: “Melee Spreads Poison”

It’s unknown as of right now if these are all the exotics set to release in Destiny 2: Beyond Light, or if there are still a few surprises in store. Unless one of these is the raid exotic, there’s probably at least one more that will be tied to the Deep Stone Crypt raid.

Personally I’m definitely into that barrier shredding sword, The Lament, as a possible contender to Falling Guillotine. And as a Titan, the ability to replace my situational barrier with an always helpful Overshield sounds very nice.

If you want a bit more detail, Bungie explains a bit more about each exotic on the official site. Let me know what exotics you’re looking forward to most below. I’m curious to see what people are hyped about.

Destiny 2: Beyond Light releases on Nov. 10.

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