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Skull & Bones to Skip Ubisoft Forward, More News Coming Next Year

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Skull & Bones to Skip Ubisoft Forward, More News Coming Next Year

It’s been a while since Ubisoft first unveiled Skull & Bones as their big pirate game project, and while we’ve always got little glimpses of the game here and there over the past few years, we’ve yet to hear about a concrete release date for it.

The Ubisoft Forward event is set to take place tomorrow, where the company will show off many of its major upcoming video game releases, but if you were hoping for more news on Skull & Bones, you’ll have to wait a little longer. It’s not all bad news, though. According to an update from Ubisoft, production on the game has “been in full swing with a new vision,” and the company is making plans to show it off further next year.

“Many of you have been wondering why we’ve had to postpone our launch. The answer is that we simply needed more time. We dreamt something bigger for Skull & Bones, and these ambitions naturally came with bigger challenges.

These difficulties resulted in necessary delays for our game. Critical questions needed to be addressed over the past several months such as: how do we modernize the classic pirate fantasy? How do we ensure a more immersive and visceral experience? How do we create cool and memorable moments in-game? For most of these questions to be answered, it was clear that we needed more development time.”

Again, there’s no mention of when exactly we’ll see or hear more about this game, but Ubisoft has promised a big comeback for it in 2021. We’ll update you as more information on the game comes our way.

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