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Pokemon GO Charmander Community Day Features & Bonuses Revealed

charmander community day

Pokemon GO Charmander Community Day Features & Bonuses Revealed

Earlier today, Niantic revealed all the missing pieces of the Charmander Community Day puzzle. It’s Charmander’s second time being featured in a Community Day. The original one was back in May or 2018. But this time around there’ll be some mega bonuses and a new Community Day move.

First off, this is the first time that a Fire-type starter Pokemon will not be getting Blast Burn. This time around, you’ll be able to get Charizard with the fast attack, Dragon Breath. As long as you evolve a Charmeleon into Charizard during the event, then it’ll get the event-exclusive attack.

There’ll also be Timed Research, paid ($1) Special Research, and Field Research that will reward you with Charizard Mega Energy when completed.

And just like all past Community Day events, you will have a chance to catch a shiny version of Charmander, which is one of the most popular shinies in the game. Your best bet to get one will be by tapping on every Charmander you see.

You’ll also be able to find Charmanders photobombing pictures you take of your Pokemon. Usually, Smeargle shows up in photobombs, but Community Day events usually change that up so you can find even more of the featured mon.

And continuing with recent Community Day tradition, there’ll be a special October Community Day Box available for 1,280 PokeCoins. This time around the special box will contain an Elite Charged TM, three Super Incubators, three Star Pieces, and 30 Ultra Balls.

Besides those features, there will also be the basic Community Day bonuses for catching Pokemon and the extended duration of another item. One bonus will give you triple stardust for catching Pokemon and the other will extend the life of your Incense from one hour to three hours.

Don’t miss this huge event next month on Oct. 17 from 11 AM to 5 PM local time. If you want to check out the official release from Niantic about Charmander Community Day, then you can find it right here.

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