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Avengers Game: Controls Guide (PS4, Xbox One, PC)


Avengers Game: Controls Guide (PS4, Xbox One, PC)

Marvel’s Avengers is a brand-new character action game developed by Crystal Dynamics. If you’re looking for the basic controls, we’ve got you covered. Here’s our controls guide for Marvel’s Avengers Game.

Controls Guide for Marvel’s Avengers (PS4, Xbox One, PC)

Most of the heroes in Marvel’s Avengers control very similarly, so it’s not too hard to mix and match once you have a feel for the game’s basic controls. Here’s a list of all of the controls in Marvel’s Avengers.

PlayStation 4

Marvel’s Avengers PS4 Controls
Light Attack/InteractSquare
Heavy AttackTriangle
Tactical AwarenessD-Pad Up
EmoteD-Pad Down
MoveLeft Stick
Adjust CameraRight Stick
Support HeroicL1
Assault HeroicR1
Counter/Intrinsic MeterR2
Target Lock R3
Ultimate HeroicL1+R1
Main MenuOptions
Character MenuTouchpad

Xbox One

The control layout is similar, but here are the buttons on Xbox.

Marvel’s Avengers Xbox One Controls
Light Attack/InteractX
Heavy AttackY
Evade B
Tactical AwarenessD-Pad Up
EmoteD-Pad Down
MoveLeft Stick
Adjust CameraRight Stick
Support HeroicLB
Assault HeroicRB
Counter/Intrinsic MeterRT
Target LockR3
Ultimate HeroicLB+RB
Main MenuStart
Character MenuView Button

PC Controls

Here are the keybindings for Marvel’s Avengers on PC.

Marvel’s Avengers PC Controls
Light Attack/InteractLeft Mouse
Heavy attackF
Tactical AwarenessV
EmoteDown Arrow Key
Adjust CameraMouse
Support Heroic1
Assault Heroic2
Ultimate Heroic3
Counter/Intrinsic MeterQ
Target LockMiddle Mouse Button
Main MenuESC
Character MenuTab
TouchpadCharacter Menu

How to Customize Your Control Scheme in Marvel’s Avengers

You can also completely remap every control in the settings. Go to the controls section in the main menu and click on the controls configuration button. From here, you can change any button you want to fit your play style.

Find what works best for you and try out some new button layouts to lay waste to all of your opponents.

These are the basic controls, but a few characters have some nuance to what their Intrinsic meter does.

For Iron Man, R2 does not use his meter. To use his meter, hit the triangle/Y button to use his repulsor beam, rockets, or lasers to drain the meter.

Black Widow’s meter isn’t manually used. Instead, when it fills up, it automatically givers here a 20% damage boost.

The rest of the crew uses their meter with the R2/RT button, as stated above. The longer the button is held to more meter, it will drain. You can build it back up by using your light attacks against enemies.

Well, that’s everything you need to know about the controls guide in marvel’s Avengers. For more tips, tricks, and guides, be sure to check out our ever-expanding Marvel Avenger’s Wiki.

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