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Dead by Daylight Descend Beyond Launches, First Graphical Update Arrives

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Dead by Daylight Descend Beyond Launches, First Graphical Update Arrives

The next chapter of Behaviour Interactive’s popular asymmetrical 4v1 game, Dead by Daylight, is set to launch today. Called Descend Beyond, it features a new Survivor and Killer as well as new and exclusive in-game cosmetics.  

A press release sent to Twinfinite details both new characters:

The New Killer is The Blight. Once a bright and ambitious Scottish chemist, Talbot Grimes played one too many times with human lives for profits. His compounds became the bargaining chip with which his life was saved – only to be betrayed by those who had shown mercy to him. As he descended into darkness, the Entity bestowed him a field of bright orange flowers. A new Killer had stepped into the Fog. 

The New Survivor is Felix Richter. A brilliant Austrian architect, Felix comes from a long line of members of a secret society. After excelling in his field and as a soon-to-be father, Felix’ ambition brought him to the island where his father and other members of the society vanished. Through the ruins of the old Victorian buildings he was set to restore, Felix heard his father called from deep below. Beyond the ruins and into the Fog, down he went – never to be seen again. 

Also coming as part of today’s update are new in-game cosmetic items. That includes a special jacket for Felix Richter, as well as two “very rare” outfits for both new characters.

Other in-game cosmetics to look forward to come in the form of an upcoming October Fest Collection.

Behaviour has also confirmed that new addition to the beloved and iconic Silent Hill Legends Collection: the Cybill Bennett legendary set for Cheryl Mason is coming later this month, Sept. 25.

Finally, following on from last week’s news that Dead by Daylight is set to receive a major next-gen overhaul, the first of those updates will roll out in today’s patch.

The Springwood and Yamaoka maps will be completely rehauled and the generators, pallets, chests and lockers will benefit from new models and animations. The community can expect regular updates as part of this evolutionary process for Dead by Daylight. 

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