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A Mario-Themed Splatfest Is Coming, and There Are Physical Rewards

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A Mario-Themed Splatfest Is Coming, and There Are Physical Rewards

It’s been a crazy morning full of Super Mario Bros. 35th anniversary announcements, even some including cross-overs with other games. Splatoon 2 is collaborating with Super Mario Bros. to bring a brand new, Mario-themed Splatfest.

Yes, we thought Splatfests were over. Yes, they keep telling us that the bonus “one-off Splatfests” were really the final ones. No, they are not over.

In the upcoming Jan. 2021 Splatfest, you must pick which Mario power-up you would prefer: super size from a super mushroom, or invincibility from a super star.

More details will be shared at a later date about the Splatfest, but Nintendo also revealed some extra goodies to look forward to.

The official Japanese Splatoon Twitter account announced that 300 participants in this Splatfest will receive a special Mario x Splatoon medal. The top 200 participants will receive one, as well as 100 other random participants.

Since the medals are extremely limted and not everyone will receive one, you’ll be glad to know there are a few other physical rewards that you can claim if you want to show off which team you’re supporting.

Keychains will be available as a My Nintendo reward closer to the time of the Splatfest. They depict a mushroom and invisibility star splattered with ink. You’ll be able to redeem these with the gold or platinum points you’ve earned from buying games.

Finally, two Splatoon x Mario t-shirts depicting the new Splatfest designs will be available for purchase on the official Nintendo store later today.

Check back with Twinfinite for even more Mario 35th anniversary announcements, including the new 3D All-Stars collection game for the Switch.

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