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SGDQ 2020 Is Thriving Even as an Online-Only Event, Raises Over $2.3 Million

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SGDQ 2020 Is Thriving Even as an Online-Only Event, Raises Over $2.3 Million

With COVID-19 hitting the entire world hard since the beginning of the year, many gaming events have been canceled or delegated to online-only affairs, and the same went for last week’s Summer Games Done Quick charity speedrunning event. SGDQ 2020 was a full online-only event this year, and while a crucial element of it may have been lost without the live crowd reactions, it’s safe to say that the event was still a huge success.

SGDQ 2020 has come to a close, and while it didn’t quite manage to break its top donation records, a grand total of $2,308,902.84 was raised for the Doctors Without Borders organization, which certainly isn’t a small sum to sneeze at.

In fact, even without the live crowd, the event was arguably still every bit as entertaining as past ones. This is, in no small part, due to the fact that the GDQ organization has plenty of experience hosting online-only speedrunning events over the past few years, including Femme Fatales and Hotfix, which are shorter events that have the runners play remotely.

Summer Games Done Quick may be over for now, but the speedrunning event will be back early next year with AGDQ 2021, hopefully as a live event once again. But even if it ends up being online-only, it’s safe to assume that it’ll still be a success.

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