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Sea of Thieves August Update Adds New Events and Challenges

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Sea of Thieves August Update Adds New Events and Challenges

Sea of Thieves developer Rare released the August update for the seafaring game, which adds new events with a big focus on bug fixes.

The first new event is called Hunters of the Deep and offers players new cosmetic items from the Shrouded Ghost Ship Collection by hunting Megalodons, collecting Shark Teeth, and exchanging them. Once this August event is over, the item collection can be bought through Pirate Emporium with actual money.

The other limited-time event is simply the “Summer of Sea of Thieves,” which is a set of challenges that reward with titles, cosmetics, emotes, and a range of currencies.

There are 11 challenges each with their own goals such as meeting AI characters, making friends with real people, doing well or winning in the Arena, and other tasks. The event begins today, Aug. 19 and will run until Sept. 30.

The update also brings a list of various gameplay improvements and bug fixes. One new accessibility option, ‘Translate Other Players,’ can translate players speaking different languages through voice chat by displaying through text in a notification window. Check out the full patch notes for the August update here.

Rare also announced that Sea of Thieves players can earn the Fightin’ Frogs Ship Set by completing the first act of another of Rare’s IP, Battletoads, which releases for Xbox One, Windows 10 PC, and Steam tomorrow.

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