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Raji: An Ancient Epic Looks Charming in New Launch Trailer


Raji: An Ancient Epic Looks Charming in New Launch Trailer

Raji: An Ancient Epic launched in style today during Nintendo’s indie showcase. Its latest trailer marked the occasion with a sequence that highlighted its intriguing setting to full effect, a stylized interpretation of ancient India based on Hindu and Balinese mythology.

For those not up to speed, Raji tells the tale of a young girl, chosen by the gods, stands against the demonic invasion of the human realm and rescue her brother along the way.

As you’ll see below, its gameplay fuses action-platforming with combat, puzzle-solving, and exploration, viewed from an isometric perspective. will experience fluid combat and parkour while mastering divine weapons.

Here’s a list of the game’s key features lifted from its website:

  • Gameplay features a blend of intriguing environmental puzzles, fluid combat and empowerment bestowed with heavenly powers from the gods. Check out the game’s trailer here.
  • The combat is focused on blending the fluidity of movement and attacks of an acrobatic and magic  against the mystical and powerful enemies you encounter. 
  • The player feels a demigod residing in Raji while the vulnerable human side is never too far. The focus of the gameplay is as follows.
    • Choose your Gods to favor you, each one of them provides you with striking abilities for various weapons, allowing you to fight against all odds.
    • Fight against a variety of enemies, including mini-bosses and epic boss battles. Every fight is more challenging than the previous.
    • Explore the levels to discover intriguing locations and exciting puzzles.
    • Quick switch between two weapons, allowing you to maneuver your tactics and approach to best your opponent.

Raji: An Ancient Epic launches today on Nintendo Switch as a timed console exclusive. It will come to PS4, Xbox One, and PC at a later date.

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