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Dirt 5 Ice Breaker Gameplay Showcases Drifting Action

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Dirt 5 Ice Breaker Gameplay Showcases Drifting Action

Codemasters has today released a new gameplay footage of its upcoming off-road racing game Dirt 5. As was the case with the previous Stampede gameplay clip, this latest one puts a spotlight on a new game mode, and this time it’s the drift-heavy Ice Breaker Time Trial event.

Taking place on the frozen lakes of ice-cold Norway, the Ice Breaker event is all about maximum sideways action. It challenges players to master the short circuits that take place entirely on ice, with flowing turns and idyllic environments. Throttle control, precise drifting and momentum are key to mastering this brand-new experience for the DIRT series.

Robert Karp, Dirt 5’s development director, said in a statement today in regards to the new trailer:

“Variety is a huge aspect of our approach for DIRT 5, and we wanted to blend in some fresh experiences to the DIRT series alongside fan favorites. Ice Breaker is one of those new additions and offers a totally different gameplay feel. Players will need to find a flow and tie sweeping corners together to get ahead of the pack.

It all takes place in these stunning wintry environments, with dynamic weather cycles and the potential for blizzards. The lighting underneath the ice makes these events a real spectacle.”

Dirt 5 is slated to launch on PC and current-gen consoles later this fall, Oct. 9, offering players a free upgrade to PS5 and Xbox Series X.

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