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Rocket Arena Season 1 Begins July 28; On Sale for $5 Two Weeks After Launch

Rocket Arena

Rocket Arena Season 1 Begins July 28; On Sale for $5 Two Weeks After Launch

Electronic Arts’ three-versus-three third-person online multiplayer shooter Rocket Arena begins its first season on July 28 alongside a steep discounted price for the game.

Season 1 will introduce the new hero Flux, a “science prodigy and cat lover” who uses alternative dimensions to hide from opponents with rockets that can bounce and are guided missiles. She will be free for players alongside two new maps: Grand Harbor and Lagoon of Doom.

The Ranked mode for Season 1 begins with 50 ranks earned by winning games, though losing often can decrease a player’s rank. A quit penalty for players who leave games will be implemented with Season 1.

The game will have a battle pass called the Blast Pass, which offers more than 100 cosmetic and other rewards for 950 Rocket Fuel, the game’s premium currency. A limited-time mode, Blast in Paradise, was also teased.

Rocket Arena launched two weeks ago on July 14 for $29.99 and is now being discounted as low as $5 through Aug. 7. PC players can grab the standard edition for that price through Origin, while the Mythic edition is $9.99. It is also available through EA’s Origin Access Premier subscription service, and Steam but it is not on sale there.

Xbox One and PlayStation 4 players can get the physical version of the Mythic edition for $9.99 through Target and Best Buy.

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