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Nimbus Infinity & Sumire Revealed by Gametomo with New Trailers

Nimbus Infinity

Nimbus Infinity & Sumire Revealed by Gametomo with New Trailers

Today Gametomo announced Nimbus Infinity alongside a second game, Sumire no Sora. Nimbus infinity is a follow-up to Project Nimbus.

You may be familiar with the indie darling mecha game Project Nimbis, and today Gametomo announced Nimbus Infinity alongside a second game, Sumire no Sora.

Both games were announced during the Indie Live Expo 2020.

Nimbus Infinity is the new game of the Project Nimbus series and it’s a High-speed Mech Action title coming for PC and “consoles” (which ones specifically hasn’t been announced).

Below you can see the first trailers and screenshots. alongside an official description. A release date has not been announced besides “soon.”

“It’s the eve of the year 2100.

In the time since the end of the last great war, half of humanity has migrated to space and built colonies to open a new horizon, while the central CFN government has successfully united the warring factions of Earth under its iron command.

Battle Frame technology has fallen into disuse, as elite pilots with the ability to create neural links with the mighty mechs have all but vanished, ceding the battlefield to brute force and superior numbers.

But as 2099 ends and 2100 begins, a young man sees a bright light streak across the sky, and the future of humanity once again hangs in the balance.”

  • Skill-based combat: Choose your weapons wisely and aim them accurately to take out a variety of enemy types.
  • Diverse battlefields: Cities, asteroid belts, deserts, and various other environments to add new levels of challenge and excitement.
  • Customizable loadouts: Build your loadout from multiple options, gears, weapons, missiles, and more.

Sumire, also “known as Sumire no Sora” (Sumire’s Sky) is a “Narrative Quest-Driven Adventure” for PC and Nintendo Switch with no release date yet.

Sumire is an indie narrative adventure game, featuring a one-day journey through a mystical Japanese village.

In this enchanted place, the girl Sumire seeks to finish a list of important tasks given to her by a mischievous mountain spirit, before night falls and her time in the town ends forever.

  • Explore through a variety of lush, beautiful environments rendered in a painterly style.
  • Discover collectibles, bonus items, tests of skill, and other challenges — some hidden, some not.
  • A series of quests both big and small, given by charming forest creatures, quirky townspeople, and Sumire’s own heartfelt needs. Take or refuse them, but be wary: as the day progresses, you may never get the same chance again.
  • A one day time limit. With the sky changing from the promise of morning to the soft twilight, all choices are finished when the sky turns to violet.
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