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Last of Us 2: Safe Locations (Safecracker Trophy)

the last of us 2 safe locations

Last of Us 2: Safe Locations (Safecracker Trophy)

Like any post-apocolyptic game, resources are sparce in Last of Us 2, so you’ll need to take any advantage you can get. Safes are one of the most valuable things you can find in the game, but you’ll need a code to crack it. Here is everything you need to know about safe locations in Last of Us 2.

Each one of these locations is a fixed point, featuring designated codes that unlock them. In total, there are 14 safes across the entirety of Last of Us 2.

Alongside a lot of valuable loot, unlocking all of them also nets you the Safecracker Trophy.

Safe Locations in Last of Us 2

Patrol (Chapter 4)

Safe #1: The first safe in the game you’ll find is in chapter 4, located in the supermarket in Jackson. Just head to the right of the Employee of the Month board and squeeze through a narrow space.

Head to the room on the right and you’ll find the safe is inside. The combonation is 07-20-13.

Downtown (Chapter 9)

Chapter 9 has three different safes located throughout its levels.

Safe #2: When you enter the Westlake Bank tower in the Downtown area, head into the lobby. You’ll find a dark room behind the front desks that with vault doors.

You can find the safe to the left of the safety deposit boxes, behind the counters on the left. The combination is 60-23-06.

Safe #3: The next Downtown safe is found on the corner of Madison Street and 5th Ave, past the military checkpoint gate. The combination is 0451.

Safe #4: The final safe in this chapter is found on Marion Street inside the FEDRA base. Head through the hallways of the courthouse and into the evidence room.

The evidence room is located right next to the stairs. You’ll need to break a glass window to enter, as it’s locked.

The safe can be found under the table by the window. The combination is 86 07 22.

Capitol Hill (Chapter 11)

Safe #5: The only safe you’ll need to crack in chapter 11 is found past the martial arts building in the back room of the Wellwishers thrift store. Squeeze into the store and head to the back room.

The safe is located in the office. The combination is 55-01-33

Hillcrest (Chapter 17)

Safe #6: Hillcrest’s safe can be found in the back-ally of the Tattoo Parlor in a building marked AUTO. Move the green dumpster blocking the door and the safe is right inside.

The combination is 30-82-65.

Seraphites (Chapter 18)

Safe #7: The first safe in The Seraphites chapter is found in an apartment building right after Ellie reaches Route 5. Climb on top of the white truck out in front of the building in order to reach the apartment’s window.

Once inside, head to the bedroom and open the closet to find the safe. The combination is 08-10-83.

Safe #8: The second safe is found in Weston’s Pharmacy. Right after you exit the water, head up the stairs and into the shop.

Look for a hole in the wall to the left and it’ll lead you to a secret room with the safe. The combination is 38-55-23.

The Flooded City (Chapter 21)

Safe #9: As soon as you ride he boat into the warehouse, you’ll reach the first gate. Get off and take the stairs up to the second floor.

In the back of the hallway, you’ll see a cart that you can move that lets you crawl through the rubble, dropping you to the safe below. The combination is 70-12-64.

On Foot (Chapter 25)

Safe #10: This safe is found in the MS Corporation distribution center. Head to the back and you’ll find a hole that leads to the safe room. The combination is 17-38-07.

Hostile Territory (Chapter 28)

Safe #11: In chapter 28, head to the Jasmine Bakery in Chinatown. The first store on the left of the storefront is shuttered, so you’ll need to smash the windows and jump in.

Once inside, the safe can be found behind the counter. The combination is 68-96-89.

The Coast (Chapter 31)

Safe #12: Head up to the shipwrecked ferry and go to the top deck. You’ll find the safe inside the control room. The combination is 90-77-01.

The Shortcut (Chapter 33)

Safe #13: Right after you leave the collapsed highway, you’ll enter an apartment building as a shortcut. You’ll have to drop down and smashing the glass of the apartment’s door to get in.

You’ll find the safe located inside the bedroom. The combination is 30-23-04.

The Descent (Chapter 34)

Safe #14: The final safe in Last of Us 2 is found in a small storage room close to the start of the level. When you exit the gym, head to the left and through the cafe door opposite the counter.

You’ll see the safe as soon as you enter the room. The combination is 12-18-79.

Opening up the last location unlocks the silver Safecracker trophy.

That is everything you need to know about safe locations in Last of Us 2. For more tips, tricks, and guides, be sure to check out our ever-growing guide wiki, or browse through our coverage below.

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