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Desperados III Miniature Trailer Makes the Game a Diorama

Desperados III Miniature Trailer

Desperados III Miniature Trailer Makes the Game a Diorama

A new trailer for publisher THQ Nordic’s Desperados III is here, dubbed the Miniature trailer. While it is light on story, it is very good at being an artsy look at the game’s Wild West action. There was a video released by THQ Nordic that shows nothing in the trailer (before the gameplay) is CGI, those are real models and real sets created by Clemens Wirth, which is truly something.

Desperados III was originally revealed by THQ Nordic during Gamescom in 2018.

As the “Miniature” in the title implies, trailer shows off many scenes of tiny people, as if a kid were playing with toys, to tell the tale of violence the game portrays before it blends into actual gameplay.

Desperados III is the newest installment of a dormant franchise who hasn’t seen a main release since Desperados II: Cooper’s Revenge in 2006. There was a spin-off called Helldorado release in 2007. Desperados III serves as a prequel to the very first game in the series.

According to the game’s Steam page, Desperados III is a “a story-driven, hardcore tactical stealth game, set in a ruthless Wild West scenario.” You play as John Cooper leading a dangerous group of characters through the Wild West.

The fun Desperados III trailer with its miniature thrills can be found here and below. It blends so seamlessly into the game itself, it’s a sight to behold. Look under the trailer for the video of how the trailer itself was made.

The fact that the trailer wasn’t simply made on a computer is mind blowing. Big props (get it?) to Clemens Wirth.

Desperados III releases on June 16 for PC, Xbox One, and PS4.

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