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Colin Moriarty To Serve as Chief Creative Officer for Lillymo Games


Colin Moriarty To Serve as Chief Creative Officer for Lillymo Games

Colin Moriarty, the host of the popular PlayStation podcast, Sacred Symbols, announced via Twitter that his company, Colin’s Last Stand, acquired a 49% stake in indie development studio Lillymo Games and that he will serve as the studio’s Chief Creative Officer.

Lillymo, a Canadian studio run by Barry M. Johnson, has released three games so far: The Perils of Baking, Habroxia and Twin Breaker: A Sacred Symbols Adventure.

The Perils of Baking is a classic style platformer, and Habroxia a sidescrolling shoot ’em up. Both were developed solely by Johnson and feature a retro 2D art style.

Lillymo’s latest game is Twin Breaker, a brick breaker-style adventure game in the style of Pong and Arkanoid, but with a narrative twist. Twin Breaker was written by Moriarty and developed by Johnson, and both Moriarty and Sacred Symbols co-host Chris Ray Gun serve as the game’s protagonists.

While a brick breaker mechanically, the game features an in-depth narrative that gives players context for what is happening in each level, set in a science-fiction universe in which America seeks to colonize the stars.

Twin Breaker was released on PS4 and Vita and sold well enough to warrant a sequel, with plans to port the game to other systems, although specific platforms have yet to be revealed.

Moriarty has also alluded to plans for other 2D games previously, including a sequel to Habroxia, and even a classic JRPG tentatively dated to release sometime in 2022.

Going into further detail in a letter to his patrons, Moriarty elaborated on the arrangement with Lillymo, in addition to a shakeup to his YouTube channel, Side Quest.

You can check out the original trailer for Twin Breaker for yourself below:

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