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Take-Two Has 93 Games Planned by March 2025 Including 15 Ports to New Platforms; Next-Gen Discussed

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Take-Two Has 93 Games Planned by March 2025 Including 15 Ports to New Platforms; Next-Gen Discussed

Take-two executives discussed the next-generation of consoles and gave an extensive overview of the number of games in development.

Today, during Take-Two Interactive Software’s financial conference call, chief executive officer Strauss Zelnick talked about the next-generation of consoles.

Zelnick mentioned that a new generation of consoles is always an exciting time for the industry.

“Our development teams are already taking their creative aspirations to new levels by finding ways to push the limits of this new technology.”

That being said, he also added that the speed of the transition can be unpredictable particularly in a year affected by the COVID-19 pandemic.

The strategy for the current fiscal year (until March 2021) is to bring the company’s “creative achievements to the largest possible audience” likely meaning that upcoming games before the next fiscal year will either focus on the current generation or be cross-generation.

The aim is to deliver the highest quality titles and give them optimal conditions to achieve success.

On top of that, we learn from president Karl Slatoff that Take-Two has 93 games planned for release by the fiscal year 2025 (until March 2025).

Of these, 63 are core gaming experiences including 15 games that will launch on new platforms.

17 are mid-core or arcade-style experiences, and 13 are casual games.

47 are from existing franchises, while 46 are from new IP.

72 are planned for consoles, PC, and/or streaming (including 7 that will also come to mobile), and 21 are dedicated to mobile.

67 require to be purchased, while 26 are free to play.

These include releases from all of Take-Two’s labels including Rockstar, 2K Games, Private Division, and Social Point.

It’s worth mentioning that Slatoff clarified that not all the games in development are likely to make it to release, while more will “undoubtedly” be added to the slate. Usually, the percentage of games from existing IPs that manage to successfully release is higher than that of games belonging to new IPs.

He also mentioned that these numbers represent exclusively full games, while add-on content is not included.

Later in the call, an analyst asked if Grand Theft Auto V is among the games getting new ports, but Zelnick predictably declined to answer.

If you’re intersted in Take-Two Interactive Software’s financial performance, you can read our dedicated article from earlier today.

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