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This Sci-Fi Movie Trailer for Animal Crossing Is Wild


This Sci-Fi Movie Trailer for Animal Crossing Is Wild

Evil Imp is back at it again everyone. Just last week, this talented YouTuber created a fan-made horror movie trailer for Animal Crossing that was surprisingly creepy and entertaining. You can watch that here.

Now, they have created yet another movie trailer but this time around, it’s a trailer for an epic and terrifying sci-fi film.

Here’s the intriguing movie synopsis to get you in the sci-fi mood before watching the full trailer below:

An invitation from an unknown planet sends a team of elite explorers on a dangerous space expedition. Upon disembarkation, the team discovers unspeakable monstrosities.

Creepy, right? Now we just need Evil Imp to keep creating more and more of these videos. I want to see a heist film set in the world of Animal Crossing. Oh, and a romantic comedy of course.

While you’re here, you should look into our humongous Guide Wiki for Animal Crossing: New Horizons. It’s full of tips and tricks to help you live out your dream island life. We can also help you figure out those tricky Redd paintings and statues because we’re nice like that. Ever wanted to find out how to cross-breed flowers, we have your back.

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