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Far Cry 5 is Free For This Weekend Over on Uplay

far cry 5

Far Cry 5 is Free For This Weekend Over on Uplay

If you’ve ever wanted to check out Ubisoft’s acclaimed open-world action game Far Cry 5, now is your chance if you have a gaming PC. A free weekend over on Uplay kicks off from 9AM EST May 29 to 12 PM May 21.

All players will have full access to the base game’s content for the duration of the free weekend and be able to play in co-op with any Far Cry 5 owner.

You can actually begin pre-loading from today to maximize your weekend with the game, and if you decide to purchase the game following the trial your progress will carry over.

Making the purchase even more tempting are discounts of up to 75% on all Far Cry games’ PC Standard and Gold Editions until 2nd June on the Ubisoft Store.

Those interested in the trial should head over to to the trial’s official website.

Unlike the exotic locations of previous Far Cry games, Far Cry 5 is set in Montana, USA, where a fanatical Doomsday cult is quickly overrunning the Hope County. Twinfinite reviewed the game back in 2018 and was impressed with what it considered another solid entry in the franchise, scoring the game 4/5 and concluding:

“Far Cry 5 is exactly that – more Far Cry. If you’ve never been a fan of the series, this doesn’t do anything to change your mind. If you loved liberating outposts and blowing shit up in the Himalayas, you’ll enjoy doing it in Hope County, too.”

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