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FIFA 20 Team of the Season So Far Begins Next Week; Vote For the Community Team Now

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FIFA 20 Team of the Season So Far Begins Next Week; Vote For the Community Team Now

The domestic seasons around the world might have been suspended due to COVID-19, but EA Sports are continuing with their annual Team of the Season promo. However, for FIFA 20, it will be called Team of the Season So Far.

It won’t work any differently to normal Team of the Season, with squads being made up of the best performing players of the domestic seasons.

As usual, the first squad that will be released will be the Most Consistent/Community Voted team, which will be made up of players who have performed well all season but never received a performance based upgrade.

You can vote on the team now by heading to either FUThead of FUTwiz and selecting your choices from the shortlist. You will need to include no more than two Goalkeepers, six Defenders, six Midfielders, and three Forwards.

Then, provided EA don’t decide to make changes themselves (which they’ve confirmed they can and might do), the winning selections will be released as the first Team of the Season so far squad next Friday, April 24.

Then, the following week, we can expect all of the major European leagues to get full TOTSSF squads, with the Premier League most likely starting first. That’s all providing EA Sports follow the same formula as previous years for FIFA 20.

Also, just because Team of the Season So Far is happening before the official end of the seasons, it doesn’t mean that there will be another promo once they’re all completed and the world is back to normal.

This is Team of the Season as you know it, just with a slightly different name. It is arguably the biggest event of the year for EA Sports and FIFA, it was never going to be completely forgotten.

We will have much more on Team of the Season So Far in the coming weeks, starting with our predictions for each squad, so be sure to check back with us here at Twinfinite.

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