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5 PlayStation Exclusives That Should Come to PC Next

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5 PlayStation Exclusives That Should Come to PC Next

Game franchises that are published by Sony Interactive Entertainment (SIE) often end up as true PlayStation exclusives. They stay in the Sony dungeon, shackled to the chains of exclusivity for eternity. This just means that they aren’t ever officially brought to any other console, or even PC.

However, Horizon Zero Dawn is a notable recent exception to this trend. It’s a formerly exclusive IP that can now see the light of a multi-platform release in the future.

Here are five more games/franchises that should break free from PlayStation exclusivity and join the PC family.

God of War

Playstation exclusives God of War

A couple of the games/series listed here are absolute no-brainers, and this is one of them. God of War has been a PlayStation exclusive since the first game’s launch in 2005, but maybe it’s time for Sony to loosen that grip.

Fast-forward to 2020, and the general consensus among both critics and the average consumer is that the newest God of War is easy to recommend. The game’s world is already a sight to behold, but just imagine being able to see it on a mid-range or high-end PC.

Surely, PC players both new and old would shell out the money necessary to have that experience. Oh, and don’t forget about the mods.

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