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5 Franchises That Are Practically Already Dating Sims; So Let’s Make Them One


5 Franchises That Are Practically Already Dating Sims; So Let’s Make Them One

Romance has slowly started to encompass a lot of AAA video game franchises as of late, letting the player form bonds and relationships with NPC’s while attempting to power through a main storyline/campaign.

Some franchises step that up a notch though and delve into dating sim territory with their wealth of romance options and content available. While we love these games for the genre they are in more openly flaunting, these are five video game franchises that we low-key love just as much for their dating elements too.

Fire Emblem

Fire Emblem Three Houses, 5 Video Game Franchises That Should Just Turn Into a Dating Sim Already

Fire Emblem, especially Three Houses, is known for having an excellent cast of characters that stand out from one another in huge ways. You have the quiet and introverted girl with powerful magic abilities, a heartbroken teacher who just wants a faithful companion, a playboy who bleeds confidence, and lots of other distinct personalities.

Of course, the tactical turn-based combat is what makes up the bulk of most Fire Emblem titles but getting to know the cast and forming bonds/relationships with them is something truly special.

In Three Houses alone, you can have tea with the students, give them gifts, and flirt with them, which in turn causes the game to become as much a dating simulator as anything else.

There just needs to be a Fire Emblem dating sim spin-off already so that we can all pick and choose our favorite Waifu’s and Husbandos without the facade of a SRPG.

If you have been on Twitter or have looked at Fire Emblem fanart, you can see that fans of the JRPG franchise are very thirsty for some of these characters, so why not take out the battles and add more dates and such.

You can take Edelgard out fishing, take Claude out for some archery practice, or even go study with Sylvain by the lake –the dating possibilities and match-ups would be endless.

It could even be called: Fire Emblem: One Love –you’re welcome, Nintendo.

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