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Winter Refresh Brings Upgrades, New Players, & Possibly a Brand New Promo to FIFA 20 Tomorrow

fifa 20, winter refresh

Winter Refresh Brings Upgrades, New Players, & Possibly a Brand New Promo to FIFA 20 Tomorrow

EA Sports has confirmed that Winter Refresh will begin in FIFA 20 tomorrow, adding a variety of new content to Ultimate Team.

First of all, the event will see the “top 50 players from around the globe who have made the biggest improvement (+3 OVR or higher)” get an upgrade.

For some reason, the number of players to be upgraded has been capped at 50, but you can see the full list here. Some notable inclusion are Timo Werner and Jamie Vardy, who could both have special cards boosted further. For a break down on how the upgrades will likely work, check out one of our Winter Refresh predictions guides.

Secondly, new players will be added to the game. The likes of Fiorentina’s Franck Ribery and Barcelona’s Ansu Fati, who have been missing from the game all year, will now be featured. EA Sports has also released a full list of the new players coming to the game.

Also, along the same lines, a whole host of players have had their weak-foot and skill moves ratings updated, and that full list can be found here.

Next, we come on to the standard promo stuff that has been teased with the image down below.

fifa 20, winter refresh

First of all, in the center of the Winter Refresh image is Icons. We’ll likely see the release of Prime Icon Moments, which will be the final and best release of those players, with mid Icons leaving packs at the same time.

It could mean something else, which will be confirmed tomorrow, but don’t be expecting Icon SBCs or anything as good as that.

Next, the card of the left is a Milestones player item. Whether that means more League Player Items to work towards or just some news on how the existing ones upgrade, we don’t know, but either will be welcome.

The absence of one type of card and the inclusion of the one on the right tie together somewhat. EA Sports may have decided to not run a Ones to Watch promo this month, for the first time in memory, which may be down to there being few exciting January transfers that would sell packs.

The blue card, which has a snowflake at the top, could be a brand new, never before seen promo. Being tied into the Winter Refresh FIFA 20 promo, it could be something to do with past January transfers getting new boosts.

If you have any ideas on what it could be, let us know in the comments down below.

For now, we’ll just have to wait until tomorrow, Friday, Feb. 14, to get news on what else Winter Refresh will bring to FIFA 20, beyond new players and upgrades.

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